It still hurts

It still hurts the same, & i’m sure it will never stop the game of blood running insanely out of my veins.


life has not changed until then, She still feels the scratches she had,

Everyday she wants to start a new day, But who knows she will bear the pain until death,

They broke the every part of her shell, and personified her in another structure they always wanted to convert her,

Now, there left, no any sunlight to look for, because they accustomed her in a dark shades of rays,

She still feels the fear of that day, when she was left vulnerable to accept death.


A Girl from the 20th Century

Yes I’m wrong if I’m going against your rules!

Yes I’m wrong If i wish to marry not with the ONE I LOVE but with a guy with some sense of love!

Yes I’m a girl from 20th Century ,

 who does not even possess a right to choose a men for her!

I don’t say they don’t ask me for my choice but they ask with their opinions open in front of me! 

Yes I could not fight for the men i loved as i’m a girl from 20th Century who does not want her parents to feel ashamed of what i wish for!

Yes, I’m always wrong whenever i wish for something that doesn’t follow the customs you set for all!


“Lets Hunt for the Happiness”

Lets do something unusual, unpredictable & unintentional at this time of the year when you should be happy without any fear. You should forget all your regrets and deadly rejections that brought you to this stage of life, where happiness looks like far more possibility that can ever take over in your life. You should not supposed to be where you are in your life. It was not intended and ruled the way you’re letting it to be. You were not born to become a miserable poor girl, ofcourse not born to let others shower their sympathies over you.

You are precious – You were born to make a history of legendary human ever came into this world with something extraordinary filled with peace to share with others. But you gotta listen to the voice of GOD calling you to come under the umbrella of blessings he wanting to shower on you.

You just have to believe in yourself,
Lets fly over the cloud,
Look up for the things waiting for you,
Lets own the happiness were missing long ago,
Lets smile a little with an open heart,
Lets forget the droughts preventing you to own the happiness wrote for you,
Lets get on the ride to hunt for the happiness waiting for you ❤

Traveling to Nowhere!


Today, I’m somewhere running out of courage, feeling like loosing hope for growing up ahead. I feel myself in the acquisition of fearful dreads, finding myself has forgotten the real essence of ambitious life having no any joyful events left behind.

People says, i look more older then my age, these dark circles around my eyes are more in the possession of showing elderly sad vigil vibes. I’m feeling like traveling towards nowhere in my life, got no any intentions towards happy life. I see around hundreds of people happy in their life but may be i’m wrong they might have some other problems which i cant even relate in my life. But they have something very positive which keeps them running more way in their life.

I more often miss the happy days of my life when i used to smile wide. Play around like a child without any fear of loosing someone I’m so much in love with. Bright colors were so appealing at that time. Used to find happiness in wearing that red lipstick with those two little swarovski in my ears. I LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL IN THAT TIME because of that too much love in my life.

Now – Time has changed – Love, care & heart all has gone out of my shine!

There’s a pin drop silence left in my life. I’m no doubt living a life, traveling, eating, running, working along with much more empty little heart breathing inside.




A Dying Bride!

Last words for my Life – I wish you could ever fight for our rights!

Straight from my Heart

I called you out in the strenuous time when you were no way around. They forced me to accept their desires, those careless were splashing my heart in my sight. They were so wanting to slaughter myself on their pride. You know their happiness was determined on my trial.

Decision makers were so proud that they could not even see through my eyes. Rogues were so giant were incapable to see my tears begging for life.

I felt left in the dark surrounded by the sharks over the ground. I begged them to mercy on me, let me live the life of my choice, but no one cared for what is meant for my life!

But now every thing has gone out of my sway,

Standing here in the night, dressed up as a bride, holding this little bottle of drug so tight in my hand as if I knew you are never going to be mine. Looking for you everywhere with the last promise of our life.

Today I will follow the promise we made in the moonlight

– I will take my life if you won’t be mine –


Tears of Fake Compulsions

Poor Love after years of Trust!

You know what – She knows when you fake a cry in front of her with those lame excuses & contradictory dialogues emphasizing her of your fake love, trying hard to convince her on your useless compulsions after years of holding fake promises with her. You can easily forget the things you were suppose to do for her but now your words are no more useful for her because your metallic love gives her the real feelings of your black heart.

After 5 years of blind love how easy it was for you to just tell her that “Baby I’m compelled in front of my family it can’t be real any day. All i see my Mom crying and upset on me. I tried everything to convince her for our relationship but she is no way accepting our love. Please forgive me! I still love you but I can’t make her sad only because of you” —— How easy it was for you to back up & how stupid she was to trust you.

You made her life gloomy right here;

You bloody stupid do you even understand LOVE???? Have you ever considered the golden time she shared with you? She was a little innocent girl with a heart full of love for you. How crude you become for her, how could you just throw her away out of here?? How??It’s Just the way you deceived her is much poisonous then the real poison became good for her.

She is not a silly girl anymore life has taught her too much about the cruel monstrous faces behind those loved dipped tongs. Please don’t tell her that how compelled you were, tell her how Loser you are, why didn’t you realized your compulsions when you were in a full swing to take benefits of HER…

You are a Man with a strength – You’ll find another girl of your Mom choice but soon you’ll be realizing when you’ll be blessed with a Girl & will care for her heart not to be break.

But she will be waiting for the day when the tears will roll out on your face, remind you of her when your daughter will be ditched and deceived by the one exactly kind of you.


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